LUNCH EVENT with ADELAIDE CONNECTED / Association of Enterprise Architects (AEA) and the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (DutchSA)

Date: & time: 28 August, 1:30 PM ACST
Location: 147 Pirie St · Adelaide

  1. Repairing ITIL’s blind eye with USM’s new thinking about service management architecture

The Unified Service Management method (USM) was developed in The Netherlands as an architecture/principles-based companion to ITIL and other practice-based frameworks, ISO standards, and techniques like Agile and DevOps. USM enables organizations to deliver sustainable improvements in their service organisations. USM is part of the Dutch Governmental Reference Architecture (NORA) which applies to all levels of government and finds increasing adoption in the US and other countries.

If you want to deploy a great Enterprise Service Management strategy you may have to unlearn or rethink what you learned before.

  1. Becoming antifragile is more important than ever in disruptive times

Part 2 of today's lunch and learn is about Antifragility.

Have you ever wondered why DevOps, continuous deployment, canary releases, microservices, decentralised decision-making, chaos engineering and reducing technical debt work so well? Why it works at all? These and many other concepts all have one thing in common. They are affected by a hidden force: antifragility.

You can use antifragility to improve your systems and your company and make your work easier, more effective and more fun. But how does Antifragility work and how can you apply it?

Presented by: Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries is a senior trainer, business IT consultant, coach, researcher and public speaker in the fields of Agile, DevOps, Business Information Management, Service Management, Antifragility and Strategy Development.

He (co-)founded:

  • to facilitate the development of Blue Oceans and Lean Startups.
  • to conduct research on the practical application of antifragility in organisations.
  • to explore common ground between Agile/DevOps teams and Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Since 2017 Jan is involved in the USM Professional community.

USM Portal

  • USM - the Unified Service Management method - is a universal methodical approach for service management. The USM method provides a standardised management system for a service organization to manage its people, its processes, its technology, and its services, based on an explicit service management architecture.
  • Service management architecture is the fundamental organization of a service management system in its components, their relationships with each other and the environment, and the principles that guide its design and development.

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