Organized by the SURVUZ Foundation and itSMF Australia: the second of 2 USM Knowledge Exchange sessions.

Title: Applying USM in practice

Presenter: Jan van Bon

As a follow-up to the first USM Knowledge Exchange Session of the itSMF Australia WA branch and after a short introduction to the USM Method, we’ll go into some practical details of USM.

First, we’ll discuss a practical case of how USM was applied in a Dutch government organization. After discussing the case, we’ll do some practical online exercises that will demonstrate the universal nature of USM for any type of service in any line of business. This will show how USM can also be applied outside of IT to other disciplines, for an integrated Enterprise Service Management strategy.

The exercises will include examples of the cross-reference between the familiar ITIL practices and USM’s model of 5 processes and 8 workflows that cover any service management activity. All attending members of itSMF Australia will receive a free voucher for the e-book  “How to make a success of ITIL 4 with USM”, to further explore after the session how USM supports all the practices of ITIL or any other best practice frameworks.

Guests can participate in these sessions.

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