Location: Zoom.
Time: March 29, 2-5 PM CET

4me is a USM certified product with an architecture that fits perfectly with the USM enterprise service management architecture: "The principles of USM and the power of 4me. A winning team".

This is the reason that USM user organizations are getting more interested in 4me for their enterprise service management tooling. The USM professionals who support the USM deployments need to know the details of how 4me supports the USM method, especially if they would also want to act as USM-4me product experts.

To support this, we'll take a deep dive into the way 4me supports not only the USM workflows, but also the rest of the artifacts of the USM management system.

Download the 4me whitepaper "4me and USM: A Powerful Combination"

After a short introduction into the USM architecture by Jan van Bon (chair and chief architect of the SURVUZ Foundation), Frank de Jong (4me's  product marketing manager) will demonstrate how 4me aligns to USM and how it supports the USM service management architecture.

This free workshop is aimed at certified USM Professionals, but as interest in USM and 4me is growing rapidly, the session is also open to anyone interested in combining USM and 4me. It will be an interactive session, so all participants are invited to keep their video channel open. USM Professionals have already participated in a demo of 4me recently, and this workshop offers them a chance to deepen their understanding of the power of the combination of USM and 4me.

To read more about 4me, visit the website or read the whitepaper "4me and USM: A Powerful Combination".
To read more about USM, visit the USM Library, the free downloads page, or the FAQ list.

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