The MicroGames for USM offer the opportunity to practice USM knowledge step-by-step at your own pace.

Learning in a dynamic learning environment with microgames is an effective but also fun way to master this knowledge in a playful manner. Employees or students can work with the MicroGames in manageable chunks, for example at a pace of 15 minutes per day. Faster is also possible of course. The administration environment of the Microgames enables the organization to follow the learning pace of all employees or students.

The MicroGames can be used to support the introduction of USM at a user organization, but also to support corporate training or public education.
Watch a video about the game here.

The MicroGames are a product of Mproof and are produced by InThere.

Participants of the Dutch USM event on June 24 and 25 will have the opportunity to get acquainted with this new form of learning, and to practice with the different learning tasks.