The mission of the SURVUZ Foundation is "improving service delivery", and the strategy that goes along with it is "developing and distributing knowledge about Service Management". What could then be a better investment than a contribution to our education?

After three years of working with this in the Netherlands, in Dutch, the SURVUZ Foundation has now made its online Service Management Learning Environment available for public education in other countries, in English.

In the Netherlands, we now support some 400-500 students per year, who learn to understand how a Service Management Architecture can be used to create a Service Management System to get in control of service delivery. In this curriculum, the students learn how a simple management system can be structured and applied to various situations, enabling an Enterprise Service Management strategy. Students with this component in their education program experience more coherence in their curriculum, and are better prepared for their future role in management.

The SURVUZ Foundation makes this Learning Environment available for free, for all universities and business schools who want to improve their level of education in Service Management with the new thinking of the USM Method (Unified Service Management).

Lecturers and curriculum managers of universities and business schools can get more information on this program at the USM Portal.