Are you curious to learn how the new thinking of USM thoroughly and sustainably simplifies the routines of your service organization? How to master the ITIL or  COBIT complexity that is the result of old thinking? How to learn to comply with any ISO standard in a much easier and cheaper way? How to apply a reference architecture with much less energy? How to get much more out of your tooling and save money at the same time? And how to do all of that on your own?

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We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. [Albert Einstein]

A workshop takes 2 intensive hours, and starts at 9AM or 4PM (= UTC+2). Please make sure you select a workshop that fits your own timezone.

If you want to prepare for this workshop to get the most out of it, you can read a free ebook or study the USM Repository. The workshops are not recorded.

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The workshop deals with the following topics:

    1. modern challenges in service delivery
    2. the core task of the service provider
    3. maturity and value creation
    4. what is a service
    5. Enterprise Service Management & Integrated Facility Management
    6. principles and practices
    7. service management architecture
    8. service management systems
    9. what is a process
    10. the principles that apply to a process model
    11. what are workflows
    12. what does an integral and integrated process model look like
    13. how to apply separation of duties in a service organization
    14. how to select a suitable tool for managing a service organization
    15. how does the SURVUZ Foundation support user organizations as well as consultants and tool suppliers with free resources

At the end of the workshop, we can discuss topics such as:

  • frameworks such as ITIL or COBIT
  • techniques such as DevOps, scrum, agile
  • organizational models such as SSCs
  • tool issues such as ERP vs BoB
  • standards and norms such as ISO27001, ISO20001
  • deployment models for USM
  • culture and organizational change management
  • education
  • deploying USM in a municipality
  • or any other issue you may have...


  • "Thought-provoking simplification!"
  • "Refreshing! Reveals interesting insights. tempting to learn more."
  • "Interesting approach! I see some great opportunities to improve existing service management strategies."
  • "Refreshingly different approach! Would like to explore how it can work with ITIL, COBIT, and Risk mgt frameworks."
  • "Intriguing and simple"
  • "This would be a great model for a shared services organization."
  • "Great and different in approach"
  • "Simplified approach, great thinking"
  • "You make it sound so easy I need to unthink every other thing I learned before"
  • "Einstein would love it"
  • "Profound, logical and real-world orientated"
  • "It is a simple and a great tool. Fixing the "routine" is my key take away !!"
  • "We could get in control of our processes and routines with this"
  • "Great concept"
  • "Simple and logical"
  • "Refreshing"
  • "Inspiring"
  • "Pfff, I'm already thinking differently, now it's my colleagues' turn!"
  • "Great - completely in line with my Keep It Simple approach."
  • "Thank you for a profoundly insightful, and slightly provocative workshop on the USM method. There was a lot to process (no pun intended), but definitely worth my while, and it'll certainly have implications for our process model going forward."
  • "WoW"
  • "Finally!"
  • "A revelation :-)"
  • "Great simplification of complex stuff"
  • "Highly simplified and easy to digest."
  • "I like this introduction. Very nice visualization."
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  • "Back to the roots - terminology, terminology, terminology and simplification."
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  • "I believe USM is for anything and everything related to service management."
  • "USM still one of the seminal Service Management approaches. Get to know it and even luckier if you get to use it."
  • "USM is Sensible Service Management"
  • "It makes things much simpler compared to ITIL"
  • "Simple and effective"
  • "This is what we should have learned before all the practices"
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  • "Structured and implementable method of driving Service management
  • "Stunning and eye-opening"
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  • "Fresh view"
  • "Need to reset our way of thinking"