Contact info

Phone: +31 70 511 7006 / +31 6 2461 2280
Website: Mproof
LinkedIn: carliendemos

Role: USM coach

Available through: USM Deployment partner Mproof

Relevant experience: Worked with different customers according to the USM method to improve their business and the service they deliver. In addition to the USM deployment realized by my colleague - USM professional - Frank Eerland, my task was to optimize the Clientele ITSM workflow tool as well as helping the customer with the attitude, behavior and culture changes for the organization. In addition, as an account manager, I make the USM method negotiable as a means for customer projects.

Motivation: As a USM coach I like to guide customers to their end goal. Seeing how employees grow, step by step, in their way of thinking, more structured and with standards, so they can independently work with what they have learned, gives me satisfaction and above all a feeling of pride. It gives me energy that I then use to motivate the employees to commit themselves to continuously improve and to achieve the optimal result. Communicating the knowledge they need to work on change in a structured and logical way. One that provides guidance and predictability. The moment the customer realizes they can truly achieve what they had in mind is a great moment. Every customer and every project is different, it is nice to have a look into their way of work and you get a whole team of 'temporary colleagues'. Both enlarge my world and inspire me in my work.

Available for the following USM assignments: As a USM coach, I am available to help organizations optimize and manage their services. In line with the USM deployment plan, I guide clients towards independence and help them achieve their goals. Together we will look at the needs of the customer and the internal organization, then formulate achievable improvement goals that are supported by the organization. I assist the customer in deploying the processes, procedures, and the workflow tool, if required together with our own USM professional. Because we have been working together for years, we complement each other well, and this way we deliver the optimal design to achieve the desired goals. I like to work with others and am good at aligning the focus of all the people involved towards the same goal. I take the time to ensure that everyone is on board, including those who may need a little more time or attention.