Contact info

Phone: +31 70 51 17 006
Website: Mproof
LinkedIn: frank-eerland-90a41a8

Role: USM coach

Available through: USM Deployment partner Mproof

Relevant experience: I have already deployed the USM method for various customers from various sectors. Think of Managed Service Providers and customers from healthcare and industry, such as Effecta, Rendo, and Agar. They use the USM method and have deployed the USM workflows in the Clientele ITSM workflow tool in such a way that the agreed routines can be optimally executed.

Motivation: Each USM coaching project is different. Each team is new and unique, but the approach is always the same, thanks to the USM method. This makes it challenging and interesting for me as a USM coach and at the same time gives me a solid foundation. Together, we introduce a methodical approach to manage the services. The teams learn to apply this approach step by step. The customers go through a process of changes. My task is therefore to guide the teams in this process and to motivate them so that they embrace this new approach. It gives me a lot of energy and satisfaction when I see that it works. The teams are in control of their routines and they make optimum use of the creative potential of the employees.

Available for the following USM assignments: As a USM coach and USM product specialist, I am available to help organizations getting in control of their services, taking it to a higher level. My approach is clear. First, I analyze the situation and make an inventory of the wishes and needs. Together with the customer, I work on improving their processes, routines, and organizational structure. The efficient use of the Clientele ITSM workflow tool that we provide is part of my plan to realize improvements. This is also my added value and strength. I have knowledge and experience as a USM coach and as a USM product specialist. I am also empathetic and I like a personal approach. I do this by involving everyone in the project. All this leads to result-oriented improvements that will be deployed together with the customer.