Contact info


Phone: +31 6 51 751 038
LinkedIn: jandevries

Roles: USM coach, USM trainer, USM Tool auditor

Available through: USM Deployment and Training partner ITMG

Relevant experience: Extensive experience with service management, with administration, with providing training, with consultancy and coaching projects, with motivating people, and with improving organizations.
In my work as a trainer, consultant and coach, I often have to deal with the possibilities and impossibilities of tooling. Therefore I know what features tool customers need and what tool vendors struggle with. In addition, I have a history as a requirements engineer which allows me to approach the tool audit in a practical and holistic way at the same time.

Motivation: I became a certified USM Coach, Trainer, and Tool auditor because I think the USM method meets an important requirement that Albert Einstein expressed this way: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

Available for the following USM assignments:

  • setting up management organizations; depending on the situation and assignment I can be a consultant, a coach, or a mentor
  • providing USM training, at all required levels and including the soft side
  • auditing tools that want to be complient with USM requirements