Contact info

Phone: +33 675 93 39 78
LinkedIn: petergerritsen

Profiles: USM-coach, USM-trainer

Available through: USM deployment and training partner Pepper Group

Relevant experience: I have over 30 years of Service Management experience in various environments, see also my LinkedIn profile. I have worked as a 2nd line helpdesk employee, project leader, manager of a local management organization, including service desk of 25 people, manager of project management, interim IT manager, and as a consultant.
From my company, Pepper Group, my colleagues and I can offer a multitude of training courses in a variety of languages. We also help companies through consulting and/or coaching.

Motivation: I like simple, pragmatic solutions to difficult situations. USM is a perfect example of this.
My view on consulting and also on coaching is that the consultant/coach should make himself redundant as soon as possible.
I want to teach you how to ride a bike and coach you to progress in your biking capabilities. Organizing your bike holiday is up to you!

Available for the following USM assignments:

  • I am available for USM Foundation training and project management training in general as well as consulting and coaching.
  • I am proud that I can now help you with the deployment of USM and also train you and your people to understand USM.
  • I can provide this where you want (mainly the EMEA area, but if necessary also outside) and in 4 languages (Dutch, English, French, and German). Some of my colleagues also speak other languages like Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Arabic.