Contact info

Phone: +31 6 25047472
LinkedIn: Henny-Kerkvliet

Profiles: USM Coach, USM Trainer

Available through: USM deployment partner H-factor and through accredited USM Education partners

Relevant experience: Henny is an experienced Interim Manager, Advisor, and Trainer. He is creative, enthusiastic, and driven to achieve positive results. His broad international experience and good knowledge of business standards are the starting point of his approach. It is important for him to create management commitment and support of the employees during his assignments.
Henny enjoys challenging assignments and is not afraid to intervene if a situation requires so. He is comfortable in both public organizations, as well as commercial businesses.

Motivation: After many years of working with processes and the complexity of their cohesion, I was happy to get to know USM.
USM offers a clear method, simplicity, tools, and especially feasibility in the execution of processes. I believe it will be an important contribution to having fun in your work.

Available for the following USM assignments: