Contact info

Phone: +31 6 533 96 570
Website: Inform-IT
LinkedIn: jvbon

Profiles: USM coach, USM trainer

Available through: for volunteer activities through the SURVUZ Foundation, and for 'work' through USM Deployment and Training partner Inform-IT

Relevant experience: As a biomathematician, I learned to think systematically. I first applied that knowledge for 10 years as a scientific researcher at the University of Groningen, and then for 10 years as a manager at PTT Post, PTT Telecom (later KPN), and UniSource. Since 1996 I have worked as a consultant, coach, trainer, author, speaker, and director, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
I am the lead architect of USM. In that role, as a USM Product expert, I developed many USM products, ranging from training products and assessments to games, from online education environments for universities up to templates for USM coaches, and I produced a lot of publications on USM.

Motivation: For the past three decades, all organizations that allowed me a peak in their kitchen had one thing in common: the lack of a clear Service Management Architecture. Their day-to-day practices were dominated by popular frameworks, in an attempt to develop reasonably structured policies. They were never satisfied with the results.  So I focused on making service management easier and sharing my knowledge about it.
This is how I give substance to Service Management Architecture, and to a systematic deployment with Service Management Systems. With this approach, I think that organizations can improve a great deal, not only in terms of the quality of their services, but also in terms of the efficiency of their service delivery, and - last but not least - in terms of their employee satisfaction. Nobody is looking forward to the continuous cleaning up of the mistakes we have made: creating (new) solutions for the customers of our services is much more rewarding. In order to be able to focus on this, you need to have set up your organization in a smart and preferably simple way, you need to be in control of your daily routines, and you need to have properly configured tooling. I hope to contribute fast and smoothly to that with the USM method, so you can focus on the content of your service delivery.
With the various USM courses, I teach experts in all kinds of service domains to first think about the foundation of their organization, their practices, and their services, before they make decisions about how to set them up. I do this by making everything as simple as possible, and by teaching them to look at daily practice explicitly from the side of the principles and architecture. If I can teach that to an expert in a service management domain, a lot has already been gained.

Available for the following USM assignments:

I spend almost all of my time (>95%) as a volunteer for the SURVUZ Foundation, with the following activities:

  • disseminating information about USM on a global scale, through free workshops, presentations, guest lectures at universities and business schools, and other forms of education
  • developing USM content
  • developing the USM ecosystem of partners and experts
  • participating in social developments related to the improvement of services, e.g. in healthcare and in government

Occasionally, I can be seduced to help a single organization with what I call 'work':

I am only available as a USM coach for short assignments with a strategic goal, such as an analysis, a plan of action, an improvement strategy, or catching up with management teams. For longer-term engagements I am happy to refer you to certified USM coaches who have more time available. Note: all USM coaches use the same set of certified USM tools.

I am only available as a USM trainer for a few trainings per year, primarily focused on training USM coaches and USM trainers. Please check out Inform-IT's website for opportunities. For other USM training, I am happy to refer you to the accredited USM education partners. Note: all accredited USM Education partners work with the same set of certified USM training resources and only use certified USM trainers.