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Phone: +46702888307
Link: LinkedIn

Profiles: USM coach, USM Trainer

Available through: as a coach through USM Deployment Partner Knowit Uppsala, as a trainer through USM Training Partners

Relevant experience: I have been working with Service Management in different forms for the last 20 years. I have extensive knowledge of ITSM, ITIL, and Facility Management, and different relevant ISO standards. I have implemented and established process-based management systems for different service provider organizations. I strongly believe that every service organization, regardless of its business area, can improve its service delivery greatly by implementing a well-defined management system för services.

Motivation: I became a certified USM coach and trainer because the method addresses all the important aspects when improving your service delivery and your service organization. It's the first true management system for services that includes clear and well-defined principles, a service architecture, and a complete process model. I believe the USM method can add substantial value to every service organization.

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