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Phone: +35 1933 907 463
LinkedIn: Qualius

Profiles: USM Coach, USM Trainer

Available through: USM Deployment and Training partner Qualius

Relevant experience: Experienced information technology manager with technical training complemented with management training: Degree in Systems Engineering, Post-graduation in Six Sigma (Black-Belt), Master in Business Administration (MBA), management training by LBS, INSEAD, and MCE.
Worked on the client side of IT, mainly in the financial industry, in several management positions.
Worked also in the supplier side, as a director in an IT managed services company, with big customers in several industries: telecommunications, big retail, wood products industry among others.
Currently working as an IT management consultant, with experience in ITSM improvement projects.
Some certifications: USM Foundation, FitSM (Foundation, SOC, SPD), ITIL Manager V2, ITIL Expert V3, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, ISO 20000 (Foundation and Practitioner), ISO 27001, COBIT 5 and Lean IT Foundation level.
Experienced accredited trainer (accredited for ITIL, FitSM, ISO20000, and Lean IT).
USM Coach (January 2021).

Motivation: I believe that the simple, systematic approach of USM for the creation of a service management system is a much-needed tool for many organizations that strive to improve the control of their service portfolio.
In my experience, many attempts to use complex frameworks of practices, or comply with demanding ISO standards, result in frustration and unsatisfactory outcomes.

Available for the following USM assignments: