Contact info

Phone: +46 761 273545

USM coach

Available through: USM Deployment partner Illumineight

Relevant experience
Have been working with IT management, process improvement, in roles as both manager and consultant for almost 30 years now. Have had expert-level certification in ITIL since V2 (Service Manager V2, ITIL Expert V3, Managing professional ITIL4) and have participated in numerous improvement initiatives in IT. Have also been a trainer for DevOps and Lean IT for a number of years and have also accreditation for Business simulations from Gamingworks (Apollo 13, Marslander, The Phoenix Project, and Grab@pizza).
Relevant assignments have been with both small non-profit organizations, government, and fortune 500 companies.

I became a USM coach because .....
In the jungle of frameworks, models, philosophies, and methods, few can present a simple approach to follow that enables any organization to quickly get measurable results. USM is a great addition to my toolbox for helping organizations get the best of any initiative from the start. USM gives a systematic approach and helps get real Service Management in place. 

Available for the following USM assignments

  • I help IT organizations improve their service provider capabilities to better align with business objectives and strategies.
  • I'm available as a coach for USM initiatives, BRM coaching, and as a coach for organizational change.