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Email: mikko@usm.coach
Phone: +358 40 329 3492
Website: https://usm.coach

Profiles: USM coach, USM Trainer, USM Tool auditor

Available through: USM Deployment partner  USM Coach

Relevant experience: I have worked in a wide range of software development roles, including full-stack developer, architect, product owner, scrum master, and CTO. I have 30+ years of experience, and I specialize in complex transformation projects, new product development, and helping startups. One of my special skills is working as an interpreter between business and technology, specifically explaining complex technical requirements in a business-oriented way.
As a certified USM coach, I can coach you through your USM deployment in a way that you will gain real benefits from the process.
I am also a certified USM trainer. I can organize you and your employees various kinds of training, including formal courses aiming for certification, or more informal knowledge transfer.
As a USM tool auditor, I will find cost-efficient ways to making your product certified, During the certification process, we can develop your product roadmap to conform to the USM vision. This will make your product more usable for USM users, and more competitive.

Motivation: I became a certified USM Coach, Trainer, and Tool auditor because there is a large need for improved service management in practically all organizations. USM is better than the alternatives, so adopting it is a no-brainer. I wanted to become a USM coach to learn to help my customers better.

Available for the following USM assignments: 

  • Surveying your current situation (with the help of USM scans)
  • Coaching you to become self-sufficient in the management of your services, including training during the coaching.
  • Organizing formal training and certifications by a certified USM trainer when needed
  • Helping you with the tooling, for example in evaluating the suitability of your current systems in terms of USM features, evaluating alternatives, or implementing the necessary custom tools, integrations, or other glue code between systems
  • Supporting you in audits of various frameworks and standards, such as ITIL v4, ISO 27k, COBIT, etc.
  • I'm available for USM Foundation training, through accredited USM Education Partners