Contact info

Phone: +31 6 53 13 29 65
LinkedIn: Tom Wijdeveld

Role: USM coach

Available through: USM Deployment partner Tom Wijdeveld Consult

Relevant experience: As an engineer at Wageningen University & Research, I learned to think logically and systematically. In my first 15 years, I gained experience in service delivery in the international water management sector. Since 1999 I provide services to customers in the IT sector. For the last 10 years, I have specialized in setting up and applying ITIL practices and the USM method.

Motivation: As a service manager, I am focused on delivering the right services to my clients. Besides customer satisfaction, grip and control over service delivery play an important role. Standardization of routines is a prerequisite for success. I am convinced that the introduction of the USM method will improve the quality of services and that service management will be applied in a more simple and effective way at lower costs. Best of all, the USM method can be deployed by an organization primarily on its own, also because USM is easy to learn. This is where I, as a USM coach, would like to make my contribution.

Available for the following USM assignments:

  • As a USM Coach in planning, setting up, and applying the USM method in your organization.