Service management tools can be tested against the functional requirements for modern tooling, as defined in the USM method. Tools that successfully complete this audit will be provided by the SURVUZ Foundation with a certificate, and will be brought to the attention of (potential) USM users. No costs are associated with this promotion, apart from the costs of the auditor's efforts.


To have your product audited, you fill out the form below. You will then be assigned an auditor, who will provide you with the requirements for USM Service Management Tooling. That document also describes the audit protocol. The auditor explains these requirements in detail where necessary, and assesses the delivered configuration.


You only reimburse the auditor for his efforts, through the SURVUZ Foundation. The costs depend on the extent of support you need for the configuration of your product. This guidance normally takes 2-4 days, including the final report and the advice to the SURVUZ Foundation.

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