When deploying USM, the use of USM Professionals may be desirable. Those professionals should have a knowledge and experience edge. The SURVUZ Foundation therefore certifies professionals as USM Coaches and makes a comprehensive set of USM tools available to these certified coaches. This USM tool kit includes an integral USM roadmap and many dozens of USM templates and tools. In this way, USM coaches are able to support the deployment of USM in practice in a structured way.

On this page you will find the Register of Certified USM Coaches, in alphabetical order of last name. Each of them has met the requirements set by the SURVUZ Foundation for the role of USM coach. If you need help or inspiration with the deployment of USM, these coaches can be called upon with one mission: to teach you as quickly as possible how you yourself are able to manage a sustainable improvement process with USM. Click on the green 'I' for more information, or click on the coach's picture to go to their personal profile page. You can filter by the language the coach must be able to speak.

Bart van Brabant

Dutch, English

Bert Kruiswijk


dit is het samenvattingsveld – EN

Chetan Nagaonkar

English, Hindi

Christian Tijsmans

Dutch, English, French

Eric Jansen

Dutch, French

Esther Terpstra

Dutch, English, Frisian, German

Frank de Jong

Dutch, English

Henny Kerkvliet

Dutch, English

Jan De Vos

Dutch, English, German

Jan de Vries

Dutch, English

Jan van Bon

Dutch, English, Frisian

Jarne Geysen

Dutch, English

Jeremy Ligtenberg

Dutch, English

John Worthington


E-mail: john@MyServiceMonitor.com
Phone: +1 201-826-1374
Website: https://myservicemonitor.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnmworthington/

Role: USM Coach

Available through: USM Deployment Partner MyServiceMonitor, New Jersey, USA.
Relevant experience: I have had a 40-year IT career with more than two decades dedicated to service management and unified performance monitoring of end-to-end digital services. I am an ITIL Expert (v3), an XLA Master as well as a Certified USM Coach.
Motivation: My goal is to help customers with the endless, uphill roll that is continual improvement.
Available for the following USM assignments: Service management improvements through the application of the Unified Service Management Method, Development of unified performance monitoring road maps, Advisory services around transformative change programs leveraging conscious change leadership.

Jon Kennedy

English, Swedish

Jordy Mertens

Dutch, English

Jose Ojeda

English, Spanish

José Ruivo

English, Portuguese, Spanish

Klaus Dörner

English, German

Martijn Bakker

Dutch, English

Mikko Korhonen

English, Finnish

Noortje Jacobs

Dutch, English

Patrick Belmans

Dutch, English

Peter Gerritsen

Dutch, English, French, German

Peter Lundqvist

English, Finnish

Peter Ravnholt

Danish, English

Peter Resch-Edermayr

English, German

Pieter Hoekstra

Dutch, English

Sönke Nissen

English, German

Tom Wijdeveld

Dutch, English