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The SURVUZ Foundation governs the USM method and makes a set of free knowledge products available for service organizations of any size and in any line of business, to enable a sustainable Enterprise Service Management strategy.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization that:

  • manages USM (Unified Service Management), a method with associated instruments and facilities, that can be applied in all service domains, both facility services (building management, human resources, finance, IT, catering, etc.) and primary domains ( such as governments, telecoms, health care, etc.)
  • accredits Partners and certifies Professionals who want to use USM to improve their professional services
  • certifies products that support the deployment of USM in practice, allowing USM users to choose from trusted products
  • provides information about USM and promotes its use
  • leads the USM Management Group, in which USM Partners and USM Professionals work on the continuous development of the USM method

Principle approach

The SURVUZ Foundation supports and encourages the improvement of service organizations based on the following principles:

  • Organizational improvement is only lasting effective if it is controlled and deployed by internal staff.
  • The deployment of USM is based on the promotion of self-management capabilities, with learning as the central focus.

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The SURVUZ Foundation does not provide USM services to the market: no coaching, no training, no exams, no projects. Instead, SURVUZ supports an ecosystem of professionals and a knowledge platform in which the USM architecture serves as a standard.

All deployment instruments and all products that are used in practice are normalized against the USM architecture, to make sure they can act as certified service management building blocks in an unambiguous approach. This creates a unique marketplace in which all support of USM deployments is delivered through accredited partners, who always work with certified professionals and certified products, and a lot of the required knowledge products are made available for free. These USM partners, professionals, and products are published on the USM portal so that USM users can always verify that they deploy qualified resources.

USM partners and professionals are part of the USM Management Group, which is under the direction and ultimate responsibility of the SURVUZ Foundation's board. The USM Management Group is engaged in adapting and improving existing products and in expanding USM with new products. USM Partners create both open and partner-specific USM products. The Foundation assesses the products and determines whether they can be included in USM.

  • After acceptance, an open USM product is part of USM and is made available at the USM portal.
  • A partner-specific USM product is listed on the USM portal after acceptance, but the associated product partner is responsible and accountable for its delivery.

SURVUZ offers opportunities for numerous professionals, in many roles, to support the market for service providers with better products, for the benefit of a better economy.

Interested in contributing? Contact the SURVUZ Foundation.