USM Training partners only use certified USM trainers who have followed the corresponding training course and who have access to the free teaching materials of the SURVUZ Foundation.

USM trainers have demonstrable knowledge of the USM method, are convinced of the added value of USM, and are experienced trainers/teachers. The following USM trainers are certified for the corresponding training courses.

Overview of certified USM trainers (in alphabetical order):

Trainer Organization Certified for
Michiel Boertje PRO468 ProJuze for USM
Jan van Bon Inform-IT USM Foundation, USM Exam Training, USM Boostcamp, Masterclass SLA Revision
Siraar Gommans GPDI USM Foundation, USM Exam Training
Bert Kruiswijk PRO468 USM Foundation, USM Exam Training
Wouter Stoit Durron USM Foundation, USM Exam Training
Marian Stoppelenburg Consonante Communicatie Text Strategy for USM
Jan de Vries Naboek USM Foundation, USM Exam Training
Martijn Wiedijk EasyNow OBM4USM Behavior management

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