The USM method is supported with the following training courses. All courses are available in Dutch and in English, mostly also online. A free introduction training is provided in a short workshop of 2 hours, delivered in Dutch and in English, on a regular base.

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The USM method is easy to learn. All you need is a solid dose of logical thinking, and the willingness to think out-of-the-box, as USM is very different from the old thinking of framework-based approaches with best practices as the basic guidance. Reading the USM book or the online “USM Repository” in advance enhances the effect of the training.

After a USM training you never see service management through the same eyes again.

The USM Education Scheme. Click for a larger image.

Training for user organizations

  • With the two-day onsite USM Foundation training, you can thoroughly study the USM method. In an online setting, the training is spread over three days. With this basic training, you learn how to set up the routines of your organization in a simple way with no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows. This is the training to get everyone on the same page. If you successfully pass the USM Foundation exam (with a score of at least 26 out of 40), you can be included in the USM Register.
    USM Foundation is suitable for any service organization, in IT, Human Resources, Finance, Building Management, or any other Facility Management discipline, but also for primary business domains such as government (municipalities, agencies), hospitals, housing corporations, or any other industry. In this way, USM Foundation is the perfect training for an Enterprise Service Management approach, or for a Shared Service Center.
  • USM Applied tracks (Masterclasses) -Those who have taken the USM Foundation training may feel the need for more training, for topics that need to be improved in practice. For that purpose, there is a growing choice of 'applied tracks': short Masterclasses of half a day or a full day. On the basis of USM you can deepen your knowledge and skills in specific subjects. In the section Applied Tracks you will find for example:
    • Masterclass SLA revision - SLAs still lead to constant 'hassle' between customers and providers. The cause is often the dated structure of that SLA and the lack of alignment between the customer's perception and the provider's thinking. That can easily be repaired in a Masterclass SLA revision of one half day. If necessary, that Masterclass can be extended by reworking an SLA of the organization in question into a structured SLA according to the USM architecture.

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Training for professionals

The USM Professional training (formerly USM Boostcamp) is only for USM professionals who want to set up their services with USM. The USM Professional training includes all the content of the USM Foundation training, but it includes additional exercises and discussions and offers extra depth in the theory behind USM, so the professional can explain USM to others. The Professional training can be done on-site in 3 days. It can also be done online, but then spread over 4 working days, with substantial breaks. The USM Professional training also ends with the USM exam, but professionals need to score at least 30 out of 40 to pass.

Those who originally took the USM Foundation, but still aspire to the role of USM Professional, can catch up on the missing material in one day with a USM Bridge.

Depending on the intended USM Professional role, the training is continued with a Train-the-Trainer, a Train-the-Coach, a Train-the-Tool auditor, or a Train-the-Product-expert, in which the professional further masters and demonstrates adequate knowledge and skills. Each USM Professional is adequately assessed for the relevant role.

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Training for students

The SURVUZ Foundation facilitates public education institutions in upgrading their curriculum to modern service management insights. SURVUZ does this for universities, business schools, universities of applied science, as well as for vocational education levels, and for both IT and other facility programs. The knowledge level of graduating students is considerably more in line with the needs of employers if students have a sound understanding of how they can use their acquired skills effectively in the service management system of their employers. For more details, check the page USM in Public Education.

Quality assurance

The USM Scheme is managed by the Quality Control Committee for the USM Scheme (QCC-US). USM training courses are only provided by accredited education institutes. Accreditation is managed by APMG. Accredited USM Education institutes work exclusively with certified USM trainers, who in turn use the approved USM training material that is made available to the institutes. The SURVUZ Foundation and APMG together manage the certification of USM trainers. In this way, the SURVUZ Foundation guarantees the quality of the USM training courses.


Accredited USM Education partners and Public Education Institutes use many standard instruments that accompany USM training products, including exercises, game boards (onsite and online), assignments, quizzes, etc. In USM training and in the application of USM in your practice, you can use resources that are made available by USM Product partners:

  • The hard copy USM game board is indispensable in on-site training to practice the recognizing of USM workflows.
  • With the USM MicroGames from Mproof/InThere you can practice with the USM material in a playful way and test to what extent you have already mastered it.
  • The card game with the worst practices from Paul Wilkinson's cartoons can be used in the training sessions.
  • The Text Preparation Form is a free downloadable tool for those who want to carry out communication in a USM practice in the same methodically structured way that USM applies for service delivery.