Contact info

Phone: +46 761 273545

Profiles: USM Coach, USM Trainer, USM Tool auditor

Available through: USM Deployment partner Illumineight

Relevant experience
I have been working with IT management, process improvement, in roles as both manager and consultant for almost 30 years now. Have held expert-level certification in ITIL since V2 (Service Manager V2, ITIL Expert V3 and now Managing professional ITIL4). I also hold the Certified Business Relations Management certificate and do training and coaching around BRM. Since 2021 also accredited for OBM Foundation training. Have also been a trainer for DevOps and Lean IT for a number of years, and have accreditation for Business simulations from Gamingworks (Apollo 13, Marslander, The Phoenix Project, and Grab@pizza). I have extensive coaching training (NLP master practitioner).

Relevant assignments have been with both small non-profit organizations, government, and fortune 500 companies, stretching from small process improvements to outsourcing of Service desk and leading both organizational change projects and technical projects. Most consulting is performed as coaching assignments, both individual and at a group level.

In the tool area, I have been working with requirements engineering and procurement for software purchases for financial, HR, and social systems in different organizations, as well as with requirements, procurement, and set up for several ITSM tools. Examples of ITSM tools where requirements and set up have been handled: ServiceNow (Volvo Cars), Jira (Banking business), BMC Remedy (healthcare), and Landesk ITBM (municipality). I have experience as a user or administrator for several more tools like Marval, Cherwell, and Easit, and I have experience with other process/workflow tools like Barium, Signavio, and Visio.
I also have a long experience in working with assessments of processes, both from an ITSM perspective, but also in different ISO implementations (ISO 20000, 27000).

I became a certified USM professional because .....
In the jungle of frameworks, models, philosophies, and methods, few can present a simple approach to follow that enables any organization to quickly get measurable results. USM is a great addition to my toolbox for helping organizations get the best of any initiative from the start. USM gives a systematic approach and helps get real Service Management in place.

Available for the following USM assignments

  • I help IT organizations improve their service provider capabilities to better align with business objectives and strategies.
  • I'm available as a coach for USM initiatives, BRM coaching, and as a coach for organizational change.
  • I'm available for USM Foundation training, through accredited USM Education Partners