USM experts can have the following role(s):

  • USM coaches guide USM deployments. USM coaching also encompasses consultancy or interim activities that are directly related to USM or to USM deployments. USM coaches are made available exclusively by accredited USM Deployment partners.
  • USM product experts assist internal product administrators with the configuration of USM products.
  • USM trainers deliver the USM training products to users. USM trainers are made available exclusively by accredited USM Training partners.
  • USM examiners take USM exams. USM examiners are made available exclusively by the designated USM Exam organization.

USM experts are only certified by the SURVUZ Foundation after they have met the requirements below. They provide their efforts exclusively through accredited USM partners. Check with SURVUZ Foundation to see if you are dealing with a certified USM expert.

per expert role
USM-F trainingUSM-F certificateUSM Train-the-CoachUSM Train-the-TrainerUSM Train-the-ExaminerUSM Train-the-Product-expert
USM coachXXX
USM trainerXXX
USM examinerXXX
USM Product expertXXX


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