The SURVUZ Foundation manages the USM method.

SURVUZ manages the specification of USM, accredits suppliers who want to work with the USM method, and certifies USM products and USM experts. Accredited USM partners support the deployment of the USM method with certified experts. Before a supplier gains access to USM resources, that supplier must first prove that he has the knowledge and skills on board, and understands and subscribes to the thinking of USM. This way, the SURVUZ Foundation oversees qualified service providers who are able to support organizational improvement in a quick, effective and beneficial way with USM knowledge and USM products.

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The SURVUZ Foundation recognizes three partner types:

  • USM Deployment partners coach the expert application of USM by the internal staff of a USM user organization, using only certified USM experts.
  • USM Training partners realize and test the transfer of USM knowledge, using only certified USM trainers.
  • USM Product partners develop new USM products or they make their existing products suitable for use in USM. USM Exam partners and USM Publishers are product partners: they manage the USM exams and publications.

All partners want to enable their customers to apply and manage USM and USM products independently as quickly as possible.

Certified USM experts can play the following role(s):

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