SURVUZ Foundation has transferred its responsibility for administering USM exams to APMG International. APMG is also responsible for the accreditation of USM training organizations and individual trainers.

This move ensures global support from a professional partner that already manages a large portfolio of relevant training products and exams.

In close cooperation with APMG and the USM Management Group, a new education scheme has been developed that will enable user organizations as well as USM professionals and educational institutions to gain their knowledge of USM.

Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International is pleased with the strategic value of USM: "Service management stretches a range of industries and sectors, from IT and healthcare, to property management and government. It encompasses the key factors to the success and efficiency of these organizations. With this innovative certification from APMG and SURVUZ foundation, Unified Service Management will enable organizations apply a common management system across people, technologies or architectures."

Jan van Bon, Chairman of SURVUZ Foundation, is very pleased with the new partner: "In the run-up to this transfer, APMG has continuously demonstrated that it is an extremely professional party that values quality. Putting the operational tasks around exams and certification in the hands of APMG will pave the way for us to focus on the governance of the USM ecosystem and invest in the continued development of the USM content, together with the growing group of USM professionals."

The new education scheme provides several pathways for USM professionals to become proficient in their roles:

  • USM trainers are certified for every training product they deliver
  • USM coaches have a comprehensive USM toolkit that they use in their coaching of user organizations
  • USM auditors audit vendor products to determine if they meet USM requirements
  • USM product experts support the application of those qualified products