User organizations that adopt the USM method and USM's service management architecture as the guide for their management system can use certified USM tools: process model, workflow templates, forms, diagrams, figures, documents, profiles, etc.
Access is free, based on the principle that the organization is willing to share its experiences with other USM users.

For readers of the USM Repository, there is already an environment with free additions to the content of the Repository.
For registered user organizations, there are now also free tools for the deployment of USM.

USM is not for fun

USM is a coherent, integral, and integrated system, and it can have a major impact on the efficiency and sustainability of your organization. If you make the explicit choice to use USM as a standard management system, SURVUZ Foundation can help you with this. Those who see USM as a repository of components you can shop out of, miss out on the message of the system character of USM, and can also contribute little to the USM knowledge community. That's why we are strict when it comes to admission to that community and the associated resources.

USM users form a community

The SURVUZ Foundation offers a free set of support resources to user organizations that make a deliberate choice for USM, on one condition: that the organization is prepared to share its experiences with the other users. After all, learning and improvement never end, and SURVUZ Foundation has only one goal: to promote the knowledge and possibilities of Service Management. In doing so, SURVUZ aims to improve the application of Service Management knowledge in practice, bearing in mind its mission and associated goals.

SURVUZ also supports suppliers

The SURVUZ Foundation not only supports user organizations but also consultants, trainers, and suppliers of products. Are you such a supplier and are you convinced that with USM you can provide better services to your target group, sign up here as a USM partner to also make use of the support provided by the SURVUZ Foundation.
The SURVUZ Foundation has an extensive package of free tools available for you, to improve your services.

Click for a larger image of the USM knowledge platform

The USM resources for users

The USM resources for user organizations are located in a managed environment where they are further developed and where USM users exchange their experiences (see the figure of the USM knowledge platform). SURVUZ adds - after testing and certification - new resources to this environment. In this way, SURVUZ guarantees the quality of the resources and their connection to the architecture of the USM method.

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