If I only had learned this at school....

Knowledge of service management architecture has been lacking for many years in the current public education for service industries like IT, Facility Management, Business Administration, Care, etc. For decades now, professional training providers have focused on practice-based frameworks (ITIL, COBIT, etc.) and standards (ISO, NIST, etc.). All in all, this has led to a major blind spot in relation to the service management systems of organizations, and to a huge army of consultants who make a living from repairing what has gone wrong, with complex advice and complex 'solutions'.

For frameworks such as ITIL, there are extensive commercial training programs, and the consultancy and tooling market is now a red ocean, where complexity rules.

The only real solution to this complexity is to eliminate the cause.

That is why the SURVUZ Foundation focuses on improving public education programs of the above-mentioned service sectors, as a proactive approach to realize their mission of improving service delivery. The SURVUZ Foundation does this in various ways.

Free Learning Environments in higher public education

For several years, Universities and business schools in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Germany, have been using an online Learning Environment with free educational resources in separate environments for teachers and students. The program is specified in the USM Curriculum (download or view online). Organizations for higher public education that want to use this environment can register on this page (below).

Free Learning Environments in vocational public education

A comparable USM learning environment for vocational education will be available for 2025.

Supporting the lecturers in higher and vocational education

Lecturers who want to become acquainted with the new educational materials, and who want to gain insight into the nature and functioning of a service management architecture and service management systems, are supported with resources and introductory training.


In the educational materials that are being developed for public education, serious gaming will play an important role in the future. The easier the learning of service management systems is made, the quicker the backlog can be made up. The SURVUZ Foundation expects that microgames can play an important role in this.

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