The SURVUZ Foundation manages the specification of USM, focuses on quality control, and oversees adequate support in practice. To that end, the Foundation accredits USM partners who want to work with the USM method, the Foundation certifies USM experts who do the work, and the Foundation certifies the USM products that are used in practice. All accredited partners have a seat in the USM Management Group that manages USM.

We support user organizations

We support user organizations that want to embrace and deploy USM in their own practice. We offer free USM resources on one condition: that you're willing to share your experience and lessons learned with other USM users. USM is a community effort.

We support coaches

We support USM Deployment Partners and their USM coaches who want to support user organizations in their USM deployments. We offer a USM Project Toolkit with many templates, prototypes, questionnaires, tools, and documents for free to USM coaches, on one condition: they must have demonstrated their skills in terms of understanding USM and being able to coach others with the USM Project Toolkit.

We support trainers

We support USM Education Partners and their professional trainers, with a free USM Training Library, composed of all training slide decks and the games, exercises, and mock exams that are used for regular USM training. On one condition: the trainers must have demonstrated their skills in terms of their training capabilities and their knowledge and understanding of USM.
We also support USM Exam partners, who take USM exams.

We support public education institutes

We support universities, high schools, and universities of applied science, with a free Online Learning Environment that can be customized to the specific wishes of the institute. The Learning Environment includes flash lectures, slide decks for the lectures and for the additional Readers, exercises, videos, mock exams, templates, and tools. All in a separate student and a separate teacher environment (with additional guidance).

We support product suppliers

We support USM Product Partners who want to offer products to their customers that support the deployment of USM. They either develop new USM products or turn their existing products into a suitable version for use in USM. Think of service management tools, knowledge products, and games. We support these suppliers on one condition: they must have demonstrated that their product is indeed capable of supporting a USM deployment, or a USM training. The demonstration is formalized through a tool audit, by a certified USM Tool Auditor.

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Accreditation as a USM partner in the USM Ecosystem requires an Association Agreement with the SURVUZ Foundation, in which the partner subscribes to SURVUZ's mission and goals. SURVUZ charges an annual administration fee for the association, to cover the internal cost of the foundation, as the foundation has no revenue stream of its own: we don't charge partners with fees for their turnover when they play their part in the economy and we make the USM products available at no cost.

  • companies: € 500/year for the first accreditation, plus € 250/year for each subsequent accreditation
  • self-employed experts: € 200/year for the first accreditation, plus € 100/year for each subsequent accreditation

If you are interested in enhancing your services portfolio with USM, apply for accreditation here:

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