The two-day USM Foundation training teaches participants how to set up organizational governance in a simple way with no more than 5 processes and 8 workflows. The training for an organizational improvement project to get all noses in the same direction.

The USM training is an eye-opener, even for seasoned experts. After a USM training you will never look at service management the same way again.

Those who successfully pass the USM Foundation exam can be included in the USM register.

Service organizations that want to get their organization in order can use USM, the Unified Service Management method. The USM training deals with the management system of service providers. With USM the participant learns to make practical choices for managing a service organization. Choices that are now well-founded, and easy to understand, because they are based on a powerful service management architecture. This creates insight and rest in the organization, the management, and the daily routines. This in turn is a precondition for a structural improvement of the organization's performance.

Employees learn to understand each other better with USM. Standardization of routines (across multiple disciplines and organizational units) is now within reach and supporting tools are easier and more effective with USM.


USM training emphasizes the process-driven design of the service organization and its routines, based on the belief that processes are the shortest and most efficient path to the goal relevant to the customer. However, USM goes one step further and focuses entirely on the workflows that ultimately organize the work. Organizations that have a strong focus on hierarchical or project-based routines - or even have based their organizational structure on them - can gain a lot in effectiveness and efficiency with this.

Target audience

Service organizations that want to work in a uniform way, according to the latest insights, with an easy to learn and logical working method.

The USM Foundation training can be used for all types of facility service providers (from ICT to building management, from human resources to security and cleaning), but is equally applicable to service organizations from the 'primary' domain: municipalities, telcos, healthcare institutions, etc. Each USM training course can be tailored to the client's discipline.

Organizations that strive for Customer Excellence, and want to be able to realize that with their own employees, without excessive dependence on external consultants, can find a paved road to that goal with USM. Participants in the training are both the managers responsible for the organizational improvement project and the employees who must learn to work in an organization that uses the USM method.


Testing of the knowledge of USM takes place with the USM Foundation Exam. Successful candidates may be registered (with their consent) in the USM Registry.

Duration and study load

USM Foundation training is offered in a two-day format.


No specific prior training is required. The USM method is easy to learn. Reading the book "The USM Method" in advance will enhance the effect of the training.
The SURVUZ Foundation owns the copyright of the training material.

Group size

The onsite training is suitable for groups of 4-12 participants. Online courses are limited to 4-8 participants.

Planning and cost

Check the USM Training Calendar for options, or ask your trainer. APMG provides a listing of accredited training providers (ATOs). The USM portal also provides a listing of ATOs.
Training courses are delivered only by certified trainers.