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Ambitious service providers do it with USM

Service organizations can set up and integrate their routines, organization and tooling in a quick, easy and cheap way with the help of the USM method. They thus lay the foundation for a customer-focused, continuously improving organization. USM fits perfectly in modern approaches such as Enterprise Service Management or Integrated Facility Management.
With USM you set up a Shared Service Center in a sound and sustainable manner, and you integrate IT and other facility disciplines.

The U stands for Universal

USM is suitable for all service organizations, whether it is a facility discipline such as IT, Building Management, Human Resources or Security, or a primary discipline, such as a municipality or healthcare institution.
USM specifies a service management architecture you can use for the quick and simple creation of your integral and integrated service management system.

Your standard service management system

Then use that management system to get in control of your services, to achieve improvement goals, and to comply with popular standards such as ISO27001 or ISO20000. Or deploy the practices of popular frameworks such as ITIL or BiSL, or the reference architecture of your choice.

Let modern techniques such as Lean, Agile and DevOps work with USM: instead of "polishing the outside", you work at the heart of a healthy organization.

Together with those frameworks, reference architectures and techniques, USM provides a powerful combination: the foundation for your sustainable services.



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