Get in control of your service delivery with USM

Few things are as variable as delivering services. However, managing service delivery is universal: whether you manage a facility task domain such as ICT, Building Management, Human Resources, or Security, or a primary task domain such as a municipality or a healthcare institution, it is and remains service delivery. And that requires cooperation between parties and some degree of standardization, so they can act as links in supply chains and networks - for an Enterprise Service Management strategy. But how do you get in control of that integrated service delivery, in a quick and simple way?

USM introduction

Free online USM workshop

Are you curious to learn how to use USM to thoroughly and sustainably simplify your service organization's practices? In all teams of your organization? In supply chains and networks? Without the burden of complexity of the traditional frameworks? You can of course continue doing this old way with best practice frameworks and techniques. But, if you seek a different solution, you may sign up for a free online USM workshop, for 2 intensive hours of introduction to the new thinking of USM, or book a 30 minute 1-one-1 Q&A. You won't be disappointed.

Study guide

USM Study Guide

The USM Repository describes in detail the principles, structure, and application of Service Management Architecture and the default Service Management System. If you want to apply USM, you can read the USM Repository and then use it as the foundation for your own sustainable service management system. And best of all: you can do it on your own.

USM training

USM Foundation and USM Professional tracks

Would you like to understand the background of USM, so that you can explain it to your colleagues or customers? Then follow an intensive training in which you learn how to set up your routines, your tooling, and your service organization, with no more than five processes and eight workflows, in an easily learnable management system.

USM ecosystem

Sharing the knowledge

Knowledge must be shared. The SURVUZ Foundation supports user organizations with free resources. SURVUZ also supports coaches, trainers, and product suppliers with free resources, so they can support customers that use USM. And SURVUZ invests in the future by providing educational institutions with a free learning environment for their teachers and students. All over the world. An investment in our collective future.