USM Professionals have delivered many presentations on USM, and on the way USM can support specific topics in  the domain of service management.

Check out the videos in this table to learn more about USM.

April 2024MindMagine Workshop: Unveiling Next-Gen Service Management & Antifragility in an Era of ChangeMichiel de Boer & Jan de Vries[01:45']
April 2024Interview of MindMagine with Jan van BonMichiel de Boer[00:30']
September 2023Introduction of USM to itSMF Australia - part I: Repairing ITIL's blind eye with service management architectureJan de Vries[00:49']
April 2023Unified Service Management and the Radical EnterpriseJohn Worthington[00:08']
March 2023Unifying Service Management with the USM MethodJohn Worthington, for itSMF USA[00:59']
March 2023What is the Unified Service management (USM) Method?John Worthington, for itSMF USA LIG Minnesota[00:53']
March 2023Taking a Deep Dive in 4me and USMFrank de Jong[02:41']
March 2023How a great Customer Experience become RoutineJohn Worthington[00:04']
February 2023USM-NOW: Automation in a Service Management ContextJohn Worthington[00:04']
January 2023Introduction video for itSMF USA CoI on USMJohn Worthington[00:01']
November 2022 ESM and the Big Re-Think: Sustainable ESM with the USM MethodJohn Worthington[00:41']
October 2022How to make a success of ITIL4 with USM - PART IIJohn Worthington, for itSMF USA[01:01']
September 2022Simplifying Service Management for the Enterprise - ITIL 4 and the Unified Service Management method - PART IJohn Worthington, for itSMF USA[00:55']
June 2022Why we need to simplify enterprise service management.John Worthington[00:02']
June 2022Inside-out value streams: stuck the Muda again.John Worthington[00:10']
June 2022Establishing a business lane for your ITIL roadmap with the USM methodJohn Worthington[00:20']
May 2022A USM journey to become a better government service providerJeroen Bekaert[01:05']
May 2022USM Executive OverviewJohn Worthington[00:19']
March 2022Podcast: A transformational approach to Service Management with USMRichard Pharro, CEO APMG Int., and Jan van Bon[00:27']
March 2022Short introduction into USMJohn Worthington[00:02']
February 20227 steps to Demystify Demand & Portfolio ManagementPieter Hoekstra[00:30']
December 2021
Conference THE FUTURE OF EUROPE, Q&A, going into details
Pieter Hoekstra & Jan van Bon[00:30']
December 2021
Conference THE FUTURE OF EUROPE, intro + interview, explaining how 8 workflows help transforming to a digital service organization 
Pieter Hoekstra & Jan van Bon[00:59']
June 2021How USM supports variety reduction in the Viable System Model (VSM)Jan van Bon, for SCiO Europa[01:24']