tussom has been audited against the requirements of an enterprise service management tool, as specified in the USM Method, and it passed with flying colors. The 100% pass means that organizations that use USM for the specification of their management system can now use tussom as a qualified product.

tussom is a product of eStomi Technologies, one of the accredited USM Product partners. eStomi already was a certified USM Deployment Partner. With the certification of tussom as a USM certified product, eStomi will now be able to offer their clients a certified USM tool that has met the rigorous requirements set forth by the SURVUZ Foundation.

Chetan Nagaonkar, Founder/Managing Director of eStomi: "Getting tussom assessed for compliance was a great exercise. The tool is assessed for:
1- Data and Registrations that comprise of service agreements, service catalog, relationships with a service and MIC, workflows, templates etc.
2- Daily use that caters to issues, assigning tasks, exploring knowledge base etc.
3- Reports & Views covering dashboards, progress monitoring and various reports
4- USE CASES to ensure that tussom is able to manage different scenarios as a part of Enterprise Service Management
The SURVUZ Foundation has set a good bar for assessment, and I am happy that tussom has complied 100% to meet USM requirements."

The SURVUZ Foundation works with vendors of Enterprise Service Management tools who want to optimize their product by aligning it with the requirements of modern service management systems. The Foundation audits these tools against the requirements of the USM method, which enables an integrated ESM strategy for all organizations of any size and in any industry. The tools that fully pass this USM audit are listed on the USM website and brought to the attention of the growing number of registered USM users.

Jan van Bon, Chair of the SURVUZ Foundation, said, "We are pleased to certify tussom for meeting the requirements of the USM standard. eStomi Technologies has been a valued partner of the USM community, and we are glad to see them continue to expand their offerings with the certification of tussom."

With this certification added, USM users can now choose from four proven compatible products to support USM: Clientele, OTRS, 4me, and tussom.

To learn more about tussom and eStomi Technologies' USM solutions, please visit the website www.estomi.com/usm.