Anyone interested in USM can join the USM Public Forum that is run in Google Chat. Ask whatever you want, discuss experiences, exchange ideas, start an initiative, contact other interested people. Standard rules for etiquette apply. The USM Google Chat Public Forum is managed by the SURVUZ Foundation.

Request access below and you'll receive an link to join the Chat space. You only need an e-mail address that is connected to Google services. The simplest option is to upgrade your business e-mail to a Google account (see the Google instruction page). If you download the Chat app to your desktop/laptop and/or your mobile phone, you'll have a very practical access to the forum.

As an alternative, you may use your private Google account (Gmail), or a non-Google business e-mail address that you add to your existing Google account as an alternate e-mail address (see the Google instruction page). You must then be sure to check these Gmail-accounts for messages.

Download the Google Chat app to your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, for optimal use of the chat spaces.

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