In the Masterclass SA revision you will learn in one day part to determine the architecture for all SAs in  organization and apply it to your own practice. The masterclass can be based on the preprocessing of a local SA.

Searching the internet will provide hundreds of examples of SAs. But which of them fits your own organization, and why? SAs are often the result of years and years of re-using standard texts. Are such SLAs still relevant or do they need to be revised?

SAs lead to constant 'hassle' between customers and providers. The cause is often found in the dated structure of that SA and the lack of alignment between the customer's perception and the provider's thinking. That can easily be repaired in a one-day Masterclass SA Revision.

In the Masterclass SA Revision, participants learn to better attune the structure of their SA(s) to the current maturity positions of customer and provider. Is there a technology-driven or system-driven offer, is the organization already service-driven, or are customer and provider together able to maintain a customer-driven or even business-driven relationship. With each level of maturity, a different SA fits. In the Masterclass, the principles of a clear service definition are discussed, participants learn to recognize their service in these principles, and together they establish a template for the SA of the future.

As an additional option, a concrete SA can be revised in advance, according to the principles and templates of the USM method.

Structure of the Masterclass SA Revision

In the Masterclass you will make use of an actual SA, which serves as an example for the analysis and revision. The half-day masterclass consists of the following steps:

  1. Structure of a service in the context of a customer-provider relationship, according to the principles of USM [45 minutes].
  2. Determination of the scope of the service and the staff involved [30 minutes]
  3. Gap analysis of the example SA with the USM template [1.5 hours]
  4. Determine the action plan for the revision of the sample SA [30 minutes]

If the additional option was used, then a revised version of the supplied SA underlies Step 3.

In both cases, the Masterclass results in the establishment of an architecture for all SAs of the organization, which can serve as a template for the revision of remaining SLAs.

This template is applicable not only to the SAs with the customer(s), but also to the agreements with external suppliers (and, if desired, with internal teams), thus creating a consistent contract system.

The Masterclass SA revision is exclusively delivered in-house (on-site or online).

Number of Participants

Number of participants: 2-10


Participants deepen their understanding of USM in a master class, applied to a specific topic, in this case the service agreement. This requires prior knowledge of USM. Participation in the USM Master Class therefore requires a USM exam certificate.

Schedules and costs

Ask the training provider about options. The USM Masterclasses are delivered by accredited training providers (ATOs). The list of these ATOs can be found on the website of the accreditor, APMG, and on the USM portal. All accredited USM trainers use only certified USM trainers, all of whom use the same training materials.