USM Partners

USM Partners support the USM method in their market:

  • USM Deployment Partners guide the competent use of the USM method by user organizations. They work with certified USM coaches who have a toolkit containing SURVUZ Foundation's certified USM deployment products.
  • USM Education Partners guide the knowledge transfer needed to adopt the new thinking of USM. They work with certified USM trainers who have SURVUZ Foundation's certified training resources and who are accredited by APMG.
  • USM Product Partners provide products that support the practical use of USM. These products are special USM products or versions of existing products made suitable for USM, in the format of a service delivery coordination tool or a training product. They work with certified USM product experts for the application of their product in a USM user organization.

In applying the USM method, you can use these accredited USM partners as needed:

  • They have proven knowledge of USM.
  • They employ certified USM Professionals or have associated with independent USM Professionals.
  • They have access to certified USM products.

The following rules apply to the accreditation of USM partners:

  • USM partners apply USM knowledge in their own services.
  • USM partner actively contribute to the further development of USM, and are part of the USM Management Group.

USM Associates

USM Associates support the USM method only within their own organization: they do not provide USM services to third parties. USM Associates have access to the same community and resources as USM partners, through their internal USM professionals.

Team up with the SURVUZ Foundation

If you are interested in becoming a USM Partner, empowering your professional services with USM, please apply to team up with the SURVUZ Foundation below:

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