All USM Professionals are registered in the USM Professional Register. They get a set of tools and templates for their support of USM. The SURVUZ Foundation provides that toolkit for free, on the condition that these experts have demonstrated their capability to use these tools and explain USM to others. Because USM is new thinking, they'll have to prove that they can convince others - who have learned to think about service management the traditional way.

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The USM Professionals can have the following role(s):

  • USM coaches receive a comprehensive toolkit of roadmaps, templates, and tools, to support user organizations that want to apply USM. Internal USM coaches only use these in the organization (the USM Associate) where they are permanently employed. External USM coaches are deployed exclusively through accredited USM Deployment partners.
  • USM trainers deliver the USM training products to users. They are deployed exclusively through accredited USM Training partners. Certified trainers receive the USM training materials, slide decks, exercises, and online tools for free.
  • USM product experts assist internal product administrators with the configuration and use of USM products. These professionals also need to be certified by the product owner.
  • USM tool auditors can deliver an audit of a tool against the USM tool requirements.

The following rules apply to the certification of USM professionals:

  • USM Professionals have done a USM Professional training, and they have passed the exam with a minimum of 30 out of 40 points.
  • USM Professional have  demonstrated in an assessment that they have mastered the USM content and they can explain this convincingly to others.
    • All USM professionals are certified for their USM knowledge by the SURVUZ Foundation.
    • USM trainers are additionally certified by APMG, following an assessment of their trainer skills.
    • In the case of USM product experts, additional certification for their product knowledge by the product partner may be required.

Each USM professional works exclusively through a USM partnership according to one of these three options:

  • TYPE 1 - You are an employee of a USM Partner, or you are registered as an associate of that USM partner. In both cases, you deliver USM work exclusively through that partner.
  • TYPE 2 - You are an independent entrepreneur and you have registered your private company as a USM Partner.
  • TYPE 3 - You are an employee of  a registered USM user organization that has signed the USM IP agreement as a USM Associate.

USM Professionals may work as a associate of another USM Partner.

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USM Professionals are only certified after they have met the requirements below. All certified USM Professionals are listed in the Register. Check the Register to verify that you are dealing with a certified USM Professional, or contact the SURVUZ Foundation.


per professional role
USM Professional training
USM Foundation certificate (elevated score of 75%)
USM Assessment by SURVUZ
USM Assessment by APMG
USM Assessment by Product Partner
USM Product expertXXXX
USM Tool AuditorXXX