For the deployment of USM in your own practice, you can choose from three approaches:


  • Do it yourself. Read the USM Introduction or the USM Repository and the other resources at the USM portal and apply what you have learned. This way, the knowledge that is the result of 30+ years of evolution in service management is made available to the market.
  • Training. If these resources are not sufficient, use USM training to get all noses in the same direction. This can be done with a USM Foundation training. Participants will experience in two days how the principles of USM are applied, and they do exercises with practical situations.
  • Supported deployment. If there are no qualified resources available internally to manage a USM deployment project, you can opt to do so under the supervision of a qualified USM professional. A USM coach can support the internal project leader in managing the change, and USM product experts can coach internal product experts in the design of the local tools. USM offers a standardized deployment method, based on a step-by-step improvement initiative by your own staff.

USM products are available to assure your USM deployment.

Sustainability is at the heart of USM. A USM deployment works from the idea that organizational improvement is based on the promotion of self-managing capabilities, with learning as the central focus. Organizational improvement is only permanently effective if it is controlled and carried out by internal employees. External support should be limited to the coaching of internal employees. No expensive consultants who do the work for you, but a 100% investment in your own employees. Coaching is the most effective tool for personal development and performance improvement.

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