For the deployment of USM in your own practice, you can choose from three approaches:

  1. Do-it-yourself. Read the USM book, and apply what you have learned. Knowledge made available in a book is thus immediately given to the market. To gain knowledge of USM, you can also first read the free e-book "An Introduction to USM".
  2. Training. If the book is not enough, and you want to get everyone on the same page when applying USM, you can achieve that with a training USM Foundation or with the more intensive USM Professional training. Participants in that training experience in two days how the principles of USM work, and practice with real-life situations.
  3. Supported implementation. Those with insufficient qualified employees available internally to drive a USM-based improvement programme may choose to do so under the guidance of a qualified USM coach. A USM coach can support the internal project manager in managing the change, USM product experts guide internal product experts in setting up the local tools. That external deployment is entirely determined by the internal need. USM offers a standardised deployment method, based on a step-by-step improvement through the in-house organisation. To this end, the USM coach has a comprehensive set of tools at his disposal in the USM Deployment Toolkit.

For the assurance of that USM application, USM products are available.

In all cases, a USM deployment works on the belief that an organization learns to perform better only if that organization learns to do so with internal employees, on its own. External support is only focused on coaching those internal employees, as far as that need exists. So no expensive consultants on board to do the work for you, but a 100% investment in your own employees. Coaching is the most effective tool for personal development and performance improvement.

Details on USM deployment strategies and the supporting products are described in the USM Wiki.

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