Software suppliers are discovering a new cash cow: "label your tool as an ESM tool, and new sales are on the horizon".
Don't fall for it… especially if you have not set up a service management architecture and an associated service management system.
The SURVUZ Foundation provides simple guidance for setting ESM up in a way that does work.

In the 1990s - with the emergence of ITIL - we suddenly saw providers of help desk software calling out that they provided "ITIL tools". There was even a competition to the extent that you could demonstrate your ITIL compliance (think of PinkVERIFY and other certifications). The fact that these suppliers only proved that they were delivering complex and inefficient products, went largely unnoticed.

Suppliers tend to package their offer in a term that is hype-sensitive, and they respond to the emotion in the market with the aim of increasing their sales. Currently we see the same with the tools for ESM - Enterprise Service Management.

A fool with an ESM tool is still a fool

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