The SURVUZ Foundation manages a series of certified USM products that support the deployment of USM. With these products, organizations can grow faster, improve more efficiently, and improve further than they can do on their own. USM products are defined as those products for which the name USM is used in the title and/or which exclusively or largely concern USM and / or which state in the description that they exclusively or largely concern USM. USM products include USM goods and USM services.

All USM products are designed, developed and produced by partners in the USM ecosystem. They share their knowledge and experience, for a fee that they determine themselves.

All products are assessed against the architecture of USM so that they can serve as a service building block in a local USM deployment. In this way, every organization can support its own USM deployment with ready-made tools, as building blocks in a LEGO box. The assessment is carried out by USM Professionals that are certified by the SURVUZ Foundation.

Two types of products

USM products are open or partner-specific:

  • An open USM product is developed by SURVUZ in collaboration with a partner and is made available by SURVUZ through accredited USM Product Partners or in the USM shop.
    • Some of these open products are available free of charge for user organizations that join the USM community. These open products include the process model, workflow templates, forms, diagrams, figures, documents, profiles.
    • Other open products require effort from professionals or out-of-pocket production costs, and therefore they cannot be made available free of charge. These products include USM training and exams, USM coaching, USM tool configuration, USM book, USM books.
  • A partner-specific USM product is developed by a USM product partner and assessed by SURVUZ. Such a product is only supplied by or through that partner. These products include USM versions of existing products (e.g. the USM-certified service management and BPM tools, USM games, USM assessments).

All USM products are registered and specified on the website of the SURVUZ Foundation: the USM portal. The USM portal is, therefore, the only source where a USM product can be verified.

Suppliers who want to make an off-the-shelf, USM-compatible version of their product available and/or want their product assessed against the USM architecture can request a product audit.